I’ve worked in the computer industry for around 30 years now. I’ve been a computer tech, network administrator, trainer, and freelance consultant. For the last 20 years or so, my full time gig has been as a tech writer.

I’m currently working as a senior editor for the excellent How-To Geek, a web site that you should absolutely be reading. We do all kinds of great pieces there on anything tech. I’ve even written some cool articles like:

Before that, I worked full-time as a community editor and writer for Lifehacker, another great site that focuses on software, productivity, and lifestyle. I also did some pieces over there that I’m really proud of, like:

And before that, I worked as a freelance writer on a whole bunch of computer-related books, articles, white papers, marketing papers, online technical resources, presentations, user documentation, and courseware. I’ve also done design and layout on a number of pieces, including the Microsoft Security Guide for Small Business and Bill Gates’ keynote speech on Compute Cluster Server 2003.