I’ve worked in the computer industry for around 30 years now. I’ve been a computer tech, network administrator, trainer, and freelance consultant. For the last 20 years or so, my full time gig has been as a tech writer.

I’m currently working as a senior editor for the excellent How-To Geek, a web site that you should absolutely be reading. We do all kinds of great pieces there on anything tech, but my emphasis is primarily on Microsoft Windows. I’ve even written some cool articles like:

Before that, I worked full-time as a community editor and writer for Lifehacker, a more-than-fantastic site about software, productivity, and all manner of other fun things. I also did some really fun pieces over there, like:

And before that, I worked as a freelance writer on a whole bunch of computer-related books, articles, white papers, marketing papers, online technical resources, presentations, user documentation, and courseware. I’ve also done design and layout on a number of pieces, including the Microsoft Security Guide for Small Business and Bill Gates’ keynote speech on Compute Cluster Server 2003.