Jul 262009

I recently wiped my computer to do a clean install of Windows 7 RTM. After doing a regular backup with Windows Home Server, I decided to cut myself a break and buy a new hard drive. I ended up buying a Seagate 1TB to store my documents and a 300 GB Raptor for my main system drive. The 500 GB drive I had in there before is going into the home server for extra storage. My current hard drive setup is now:

  • 300 GB Raptor  – System Drive. Small on size, but at 10,000rpm, a very fast drive.
  • 1 TB Seagate – Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.
  • 500 GB Seagate – dedicated drive for virtual machines
  • 150 GB Raptor – dedicated scratch drive for Adobe Photoshop

Instead of taking the time to back up that old drive (which housed all my documents), I bought a Thermaltake BlackX Docking Station from Newegg.

It’s a clever little external bay that lets you drop a SATA drive right in. I had an extra external drive bay that I used to use for such things, but with the BlacX, I don’t have to worry about taking off the cover, connecting cables, and so on. You just slide the drive in place. And given the number of other people’s drives I work on, that’s pretty convenient.

It has eSata and USB 2.0 ports and actually comes with both cables. Most eSata devices do not include the cable.

They also have a Duet model that accepts two drives at the same time.

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